Safety Retreat

What is it?

In 2019 Ability Training Services is excited to be hosting its 1st annual Safety Retreat! 

Safety is important in our every day lives in various ways. We hope to give you tools to keep you safe in your home and in the community. Some of the topics we cover will include how to handle cooking fires, building fires, power outages, gas leaks, earthquakes, wildfires and flooding. We will also learn about how to stay safe while having fun in the community.

We stay in a very large beach home on the Oregon Coast for three days and two nights. Participants  cook and eat  meals together, learn about keeping their bodies strong and healthy together, and best of all hang out at the beach together!  Set times for learning are woven in to each day  as well as lots of time for enjoying  the beach, going to shops, and relaxing in our fantastic beach house. 

ATS will facilitate and host the Safety Retreat by providing experienced helpers, transportation services, meals, communication supports and networking opportunities so that people of all abilities can learn to be healthy. We will make sure to include sunsets and bonfires! All retreats are run with the help of ATS providers who are CPR/First Aid certified and trained in Person Centered Thinking and Positive Behavior Supports.   

Retreats have been favorites since 2012! We are sure you will be happy we added the Safety Retreat to the mix. Come join the fun!! Beds are limited so RSVP right away using the PayPal link and Overnight Consent form!   

You must submit an Overnight Consent form to your Pod Lead and payment in order to be registered.

Who Can Go?

Retreats are only open to adults who experience I/DD  and who can safely function in the community in groups of  3-4 people per 1 provider.  ATS must have a contract from a person's caseworker before the person can attend or RSVP for retreats. 

Call 503-560-9980 to see if you qualify or to ask questions about getting a hold of your caseworker or personal agent! 

When is it?

 The 2019 Safety Retreat is Monday, November 4th-Wednesday, November 6th. . 

How do I sign up?

 In order to sign up and secure your spot, you must both submit payment and send in an Overnight Consent form. Scroll down to make your payment using PayPal and register by filling out an Overnight Consent form. When your registration form is complete, send it to your Pod Lead. 


Safety Retreat 2019

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In order to sign up, you must pay and register by filling out an Overnight Consent form below.

  Our Overnight Consent Form comes in both a Word Doc and PDF version. Choose whichever works best for you and email the completed form to your Pod Lead!