Caring for Autism - Response Education

About CARE

In response to the many tragedies in the last few years involving law enforcement's negative and even dangerous interactions with individuals who experience Autism and their caregivers, a nation-wide campaign has begun: 

Implementing the CARE model.

Join us in our mission to reduce ​the number of injuries and deaths caused by law enforcement due to misinterpretation, miscommunication, or inability to identify those with Autism and their caregivers.

We are educating law enforcement nation-wide on how to interpret the CARE symbol, how to respond when this symbol is displayed, and why CARE is a critical tool in deescalating potentially dangerous situations for caregivers and those who receive care. 

Help us saturate society with this universal, understandable, instant way to identify caregivers and those to whom care is provided. 

CARE combines a simple three step process with a universal symbol so that law enforcement officers can quickly identify, understand, and respond to those with Autism and their caregivers in a safe, effective, and ethical way:



When the CARE symbol is shown we want it to be known that...

  1. One of the persons present needs the CARE process implemented and poses no threat to the public or law enforcement
  2. One of the persons present is a caregiver and poses no threat to the public or law enforcement
  3. Typical engagement measures will not be effective and, in fact, could actually escalate the situation

When law enforcement sees the CARE symbol shown we want them to...

  1. Identify the situation as one involving a person who requires CARE process implementation
  2. Communicate with the caregiver
  3. Involve the caregiver in resolving the situation

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